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3 keys to making money with your online store.

If only making money online was as easy as creating a store and cashing the check! Unfortunately, there is a little more to it. Using our 16 years of online web store experience, we’ve made a simple list of 3 important steps to help you make the most out of your store.

1. Create a small order window. One of the best ways to generate money from an online booster club or fan store is to limit the order window to a certain length of time. Some of our most successful stores have been open for a week or less. By creating a limited window of opportunity, you create an urgency with those who want to order, thereby increasing the number of orders. It also allows you to leverage your volume, which produces a better per-garment price. Stores that stay open for a month, lose steam, because people forget it’s there. In addition, the people who ordered right away, get irritated because they have to wait so long before the store closes and everything is processed to get their order.

2. Keep it simple. It’s easy to be wowed by some of the huge online stores with a dozen different logos and hundreds of styles to choose from. That can work well, if you have thousands of members or fans. But chances are, you aren’t a major league team with hundreds of thousands of followers and fans. Keep the number of designs to a minimum, usually one or maybe two. By doing this, you keep your production costs down and can pocket the extra money. Also, limiting the number of items you offer is a good way to reduce customer indecision, which usually results in more sales. You don’t need hundreds of items in order for everyone to find something they like.

3. Promote the store. We saved this one for last, because it’s the big finale. This is the most important factor in whether you’ll make money with your online fundraising store. We’ll be happy to post a link on our social media page, just ask us! But the truth of the matter is that no one is as well connected and well received as you are, among your members, fans and friends. Let them know when the store is open. Send another reminder the following day. And then send a final reminder on the last day, to let them know “this is it!”

We’re not the only option for online stores, but we take immense pride in making sure your experience is fantastic. We’ll handle all the work and processing, so all you have to do is promote your store and collect the check. Contact [email protected] to find out how easy it can be!