How custom printing and embroidery bring people together.


One of our customers recently had a death in the family. They contacted us about making some printed tee shirts and embroidered caps to celebrate their loved one's life. They wanted to put one of the pieces in the casket, while other family members simply wanted a shirt or hat for themselves.


Obviously, in this situation, we didn't have a lot of time to get all the details together and produce the order. So we got right to it and put the design and lettering together, got the approval and produced the order, within a few days' time. This isn't unusual in our business, but this time it was for someone very close to our customer, which made it a very important project to us.


Everyone was thankful and even though it was a sad time, they were happy that they could celebrate the life of a loved one with their “new favorite apparel”.


We realize this isn't heroic and we're not out to brag about how great we are. What we do hope is that you'll be inspired, by this story, to do something nice for someone you know. We think it's important to take time to help, in these situations, however small the gesture may seem. Many times, what seems insignificant to you means so much to someone else.