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FAQs about placing a custom printed or embroidered order

You can email, call or use the form on our website, to get an order going.  Whatever is easiest for you, is what will work best for us.

You will get a confirmation email from our hauffsports.com The email will let you know how the process works and will have links to check the status of your order or make a payment.

Each project is different, so it’s difficult to give one answer for all orders.  We’ve gotten orders done in as little as 4 hours and we’ve had some that have taken three or four weeks.  Some orders, like custom caps or uniforms have taken up to 2 months.  We will, however, work hard to meet whatever deadline you happen to have or let you know if we can’t hit the target, so you have time to look elsewhere.

 Again, it’s difficult to publish a price without knowing all the details of your project.  We make an effort to be competitive on price, when compared to companies who can perform similarly.

We don’t charge extra for art or set up/screen charges. The price we give you is all inclusive.

We do not have a required minimum order.  Just keep in mind that the prices generally get less as the quantity gets larger.

FAQ about online stores

We do not charge you to set up an online store.  

We do have ongoing costs associated with taking payments, continuing to update the platform, hosting and other costs.   There are different ways to recoup these costs, but generally we are able to get you better pricing, if you place a bulk order, directly with us, rather than using the online store platform.

We do all the sorting and bagging for you, so all you have to do is hand out the orders.  OR, if you don’t even want to do that, we can offer pick up in our Sioux Falls showroom or we can offer shipping options, for your users.

We can do whatever you’d like.  We have some stores, like those for Human Resource managers, that stay open all year long, so new hires and existing staff can just hop on and order, whenever they want.  We can also offer a small ordering window of anywhere from a day to a few weeks, for booster clubs and fan stores.  This allows us to offer better pricing, as it’s usually cheaper to run a number of orders at one time rather than running one order at a time.

Once we have the logo designed, setting up a store goes very quickly.  Most of the time, we can set up your store in a day or less, after we have all the information from you. 

 It’s simple.  Just let us know what you want to add to each product.  It can be a percentage or a flat amount.  The amount varies, of course, but typically, we’ve seen 10% to 20% or $1 to $5 per item.

We will issue you a check, when the orders are done and ready for pick up/delivery.  

Absolutely.  We can give you codes for your top people or, if you’re a human resource manager and you want to give new hires a certain amount of money to spend, we can get you codes for them.  If they spend more than they have, in the code, then they pay the difference.


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