Dakota Lettering

The one thing you can’t live without

Have you ever had a shirt or hoodie that was so comfortable, you almost never took it off? It’s the go-to
piece in your closet that hardly gets hung up before you pull it off the hanger and wear it out again. That
one shirt or hoodie that you wear for days before you wash it.
If you don’t own one of these or if you used to own one but lost it or wore it out, you owe it to yourself to
try on a pullover or hoodie from UNRL (pronounced unreal). Once you try it on, you’ll be sold. It’s the
most comfortable piece of clothing you’ll own.
UNRL started, back in 2013, with a couple of guys who got together at college, in Mankato, and started
making shirts. Since then, the company has grown and is expanding into athleisure and corporate apparel
with pants, polos, pullovers, jackets and hoodies. Every product is made with the same passion and focus
on fit and feel.

Dakota Lettering is one of the exclusive distributors of the UNRL brand, in our area. With lots of great
samples in our showroom, you don’t have to take our word for it. Come in and try one on for yourself! If
you can’t make it in, contact us and we’ll be happy to find a way to get some samples to you.